Monday, March 9, 2009

United States of Tara

This is a sitcom on Showtime about a mom who has multiple personality disorder. Thought the intro. was really cool.


OneSickIndividual said...

awesome intro! really diggin the stop-motion animation used to bring out the pop-up book feel. i digged a bit deeper to find the process and they mainly used hand painted cut-outs shot with a canon40D and an imac running Dragon Stop Motion 1.1.

here's a couple of links:
[United States of Tara Title Sequence]
[More on United States of Tara Title]
[Animating on United States of Tara]

DynamiteSouldier said...

I kinda wanna watch the show now. Too bad I don't have Showtime. :(

nelsonious said...

I seen clips of the show and it didn't look too interesting. After watching the intro, I might give the show a chance.