Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of Kid Cole & Klay

The title sequence for an unproduced series for Cartoon Network. Below are the colorboards and animatics.


Hand-Over-Fist said...

Very cool process. How many people does it take to do this? From the writer to the landscape artist dude is about, say, 20?

OneSickIndividual said...

this sequence actually took around 6 people to create. it consisted of the creators, director, character designer, character animators, backgrounds, compositing and editing, and music. and each person had multiple roles in the process as well.

more on the process can be seen [here].

its not uncommon for projects like this to even be a one-man show.

nelsonious said...

The final product is nice. 6 people? That's pretty good. Any examples of something with only one person on it?

DynamiteSouldier said...

That's pretty cool. It's always good to have each player know their role before starting the project. They can have multiple input on other tasks but they still need to know their main role.

The thing I learned from work about small teams is that there's always 1 or 2 egos that can slow down the project. For example, the producer should handle the budget and manage milestones while the director should provide the vision of the final product. This one producer went overboard and wanted to take over the director's job by making the project the way he wanted it. That's why he got laid off. haha

OneSickIndividual said...

nelson - yeah there are a good collection of animated shorts out there by solo animators. ill try post more.

jips - exactly. specific roles is a must. problems always seem to occur the moment one side crosses to the other. before you know it, there are just too many chefs in the kitchen and the project crawls to halt with ridiculous internal revisions.