Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pepsi's Design Strategy

I love seeing the thought process of how a design came to be...
Pepsi Design Strategy


OneSickIndividual said...

though i'm not a fan of the new brand, i applaud their shear audacity in the creation of this "design strategy." just goes to show, it's not what you're selling but how you sell it. pepsi dna? gravitational pull?! classic.

Hand-Over-Fist said...

i am all for different approaches when it comes to being a creative. left brain, right brain, you stumble on and discover relationships you might not have ever thought of. the ol' thinking out of the box. the problem i have is that when the research and making connections are done, was it all worth it? couldn't i have just easy said, "redesign brand and logo and incorporate following themes: global, 3d, spherical, & positive feel.

then again, the exercise is necessary for the dialogue to happen. its storytelling for the client, right?