Monday, January 26, 2009

As Office Manager...

I plan to implement policies that will promote and nurture the creative environment!

1. Alcohol WILL be allowed on the premises, so long as it is done in moderation during work hours (but after 5pm, it's all up to you).
2. Nerf guns WILL be allowed during office hours as long as there are no clients visiting and you do not shoot anyone who is conversing with a client on the telephone (but yeah, I know it's tempting).
3. We will have an Employee-of-the-Month program with benefits to be determined.
4. Scooters and Skateboards will be allowed on the premises so long as you do not get yourself hit by a car.
5. Visitors will be allowed during office hours so long as work is still getting done and deadlines are being met.
6. TGIFriday activities will be enforced; will be determined at a later date.
7. Doggies will be allowed to come to work with their owner so long as they are properly looked after.
8. The achievement of goals and growth of business, no matter how big or small, will ALWAYS be celebrated in some sort of fashion.
9. Video gaming sessions will be allowed so long as deadlines are being met and the players are not too loud when other employees are on the phone.
10. Quick naps may be taken when needed to refresh the brain.

Finally, anyone is welcome to suggest other policies that will help to nurture our creativity and productivity!

From the Office of Jennifer Haya


OneSickIndividual said...

awesome. very google and pixar-esque. just the type of creative business ethics we should have in mind. can i build a castle office cubicle?

nelsonious said...

Cool! We gotta have huge porcelain elephants around the office. And a big fork and spoon on the wall. Count me in. I'll work for peanuts.

DynamiteSouldier said...

I suggest a covered smoking patio with a closable facade.